About Us

“Morocco Touareg Tours” is a touristic travel agency specialized and devoted to design and plan tours to different destinations in Morocco. We provide our services from all Moroccan cities, airports, or any accommodation you are staying in. Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier to name a few.

Our technical team is devoted to work on outstanding day and desert trips, always prioritizing the comfort and safety of each of our clients. We make discovering Moroccan landscapes and sights possible to every client, no matter the budget, season or client’s profile. We juxtapose authenticity and modernity to give each client its due time and worth.

In “Morocco Touareg Tours” we prove our professionalism and punctuality by respecting due time in our offered services. Once your reservation is confirmed, the services are available instantly. Therefore, immediacy and punctuality are core of our company. Some services are free and others are on demand. Get in touch with us with any questions!.